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The 7 Healers by Brazos Minshew

Clean Air for Breathing by Brazos MinshewHealer #1: Air

Respiration is the foundation of life. The act of breathing is the most immediate need we have and air is one of the most abundant resources around us. Breathing removes up to 75% of body toxins. It relaxes us, reduces inflammation, increases circulation and mental performance.

Supplements that increase oxygenation are called antioxidants. There are some antioxidants that benefit the entire body and some that are specific to certain glands, organs, and tissues. A good example of a general antioxidant may be the polyphenols in green tea. An example of a more specific antioxidant may be Alpha Lipoic Acid for the brain or Hydroxytyrosol for the eyes.

The greatest predictor of Longevity is the volume of our breath.

Clean Water by Brazos MinshewHealer #2: Water

Humans are made mostly of water. Hydration is required for proper cell function, brain function, hormone function and circulation. The most common diseases are often diseases of dehydration.

Just as mineral rich soil holds water better than depleted soil, Supplements that increase hydration are usually minerals. There are some minerals that benefit the entire body and some that are specific to certain glands, organs, and tissues. Potassium and Sodium balance water surround every cell in your body. However, Magnesium brings hydration to the digestive tract and Sulfur increases water in dehydrated joints.

Health is defined as Total Body Water between 55% and 65%. Death occurs when hydration drops below 45%

Good Restful Sleep by Brazos MinshewHealer #3: Sleep

Sleep is the main time when almost all healing occurs. As an old Irish proverb says, “If you can’t sleep, you can’t heal.” Deep sleep is required for the release of human growth hormone. This is critically important to health as each cell in the human body eventually dies and must be replaced. The disparity between cells that die daily and those that are replaced daily is called aging; the larger the disparity, the more rapid is the aging process.

Supplements that improve sleep are divided into those that nourish the sleep process and those that induce somnolence, often called sedatives. Examples of nutrients that nourish sleep include the B vitamins Biotin and Pantothenic acid. Examples of sedative nutrients include gamma amino butyric acid (GABA).

Sleep is a very complicated process. It requires significant energy to achieve and maintain sleep. People cannot be physically or mentally healthy without sufficient quantity and quality of sleep.

Nutritious Food by Brazos MinshewHealer  #4: Food

Every nutrient required for human health is found in whole foods grown in mineral-rich soil. Plants convert minerals and nitrogen into substances that humans need. We build all body structures directly from our diet. We fuel all body processes and systems directly through our diet. Any deficiency will result in deformed cells and distorted processes. Health arises from having each nutrient in your system in the appropriate quantity at all times.

Supplements that nourish the human body and support its energetic systems include the known and unknown nutrients found in whole foods. Currently, the most common deficiencies are vitamin C, vitamin B-12, vitamin D, Essential Fatty Acids (healthy fats) and Magnesium.

Nutrients are needed to fill in the gaps of a deficient diet and to build a platform for performance.

Pay and Excercise by Brazos MinshewHealer  #5: Play

The best drug in the world is exercise. Its benefits include improved mood, resistance to chronic disease, weight management, better sleep, better sex and higher energy.

Supplements that support exercise include those listed as thermogenic: turning stored body fat into useable energy. Examples include pure essential fatty acids in the Omega 3 and Omega 6 families of healthy fats, as well as herbs such as Yerba Mate and Guarana.

Good Relationships by Brazos MinshewHealer  #6: Relationships

Healthy Relationships enhance Longevity; a bachelors’ life span is 57 years. A married mans’ average life span is 74.8 years.  

Can supplements be used to enhance relationships? Indeed they can! No one can nourish a friendship when they do not feel well. In addition, certain nutrients such as the amino acids L-Phenyalanine and tyrosine and herbs such as Damiana actually enhance trust – a cornerstone of healthy relationships.

Healthy relationships nourish the healing process. Further, they are a marker associated with lower levels of depression, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, fewer heart attacks and a reduction in cancer risk. If we get sick or have an injury, healthy relationships are a factor in how fast we will recover and how profound that recovery will be.

Reaching for Purpuse in Life by Brazos MinshewHealer  #7: Purpose

By an act of will people can actually postpone death! The medical literature is filled with cases of “spontaneous remission” of disease simply because the patient renewed their sense of Purpose. Further, a retiree who associates his work with his sense of Purpose has a life expectancy of only 2.5 years. A retiree that engages a second career associated with his sense of Purpose has a life expectancy of greater than 15 years.

Supplements that ignite creativity are useful in helping people envisage their sense of Purpose. Supplements can help mobilize the energy needed to establish near-term objectives, long-range goals and clarity of vision associated with a life of Purpose.

The sense of Immortality of mind and spirit are always associated with a great sense of Purpose.


Achieve the 7 Healers daily and achieve a happy purposeful life! 

What keeps Healthy People well? Knowledge!